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LED Aquarium Lighting from LED Lighting International, LLC

LED Aquarium Lighting - LED Aquarium Reef Lighting

No more spending $50, $75 or $100+ per bulb!

Latest LED Aquarium Lighting Products - Metal Halide Replacement Lighting

24 Inch 50 Watt

LED Aquarium Reef Light

  • 24 Inches Wide
  • 50 Watts
  • Black Anti-Rust Aluminum Case

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36 Inch 75 Watt

LED Aquarium Reef Light

  • 36 Inches Wide
  • 75 Watts
  • Black Anti-Rust Aluminum Case

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48 Inch 100 Watt

LED Aquarium Reef Light

  • 48 Inches Wide
  • 100 Watts
  • Black Anti-Rust Aluminum Case

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60 Inch 120 Watt

LED Aquarium Reef Light

  • 60 Inches Wide
  • 120 Watts
  • Black Anti-Rust Aluminum Case

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LED Aquarium Reef Tank Lights

  • 50 to 120w Watt output
  • Extremely low heat output
  • Lasts 5-10 times longer than conventional Non-LED lighting
  • Focused light output
  • More useable light radiation for photosynthesis than halides!
  • Reduce you carbon footprint, no more bulbs in landfills!
  • No more spending $50, $75 or $100+ per bulb!
  • No more spending money for VHO or PC accent bulbs!
  • Up to 50% LESS Energy Consumption!
  • Aluminium anti-rust case
LED Aquarium Reef Lighting Products
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Corals & Anemones using LED Aquarium Lighting

Although many people mistake corals and anemones as plants, they are actually animals which require the right spectrum of lighting to thrive. They are part of an ancient and simple group of animals known as cnidaria. Jellyfish are also a member of this group. These animals are characterized by a symmetrical body, usually with stinging tentacles, and a central mouth. They are beautiful additions to any reef aquarium and our LED lighting fixtures are the perfect solution to keeping your reef healthy and thriving in your reef aquarium tank!

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Quick Tips: Setting Up a Reef Aquarium Tank in Your Home

reef light tips A reef aquarium tank can turn a plain, unadorned home into a stellar living space. Aside from having multi-colored fish swimming around, the living reefs can be a joy to stare at. Setting up a reef aquarium can be fairly easy if you follow some steps.

The Right Place

First off, select the portion of the house you would like the reef aquarium tank to be. Ideal places are anywhere that will not be hit by direct sunlight. The tank should stay away from windows, drafty areas, radiators, and other spots with fluctuating temperatures. Do not put the fish tank in a very busy location, either, but it should be visible enough to be enjoyed.

Size Matters

Another consideration is the size. Purchase the largest reef aquarium tank that your budget and space will allow. With a larger tank, there's a higher chance of achieving an environment stable enough for saltwater fish to thrive in. Plus, you can easily maintain the water chemistry with a big aquarium. More Aquarium Care and Maintenance Tips and Information

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